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Walking Horse & Eastern Train Engine 1585 WH&E RR 806 | Walking Horse and Eastern Shortline Engine 806 outside of Wartrace in Shelbyville Old Train Engine 345 sitting on the CSX Rail Road Track outside of Wartrace Advertise in Wartrace on Wartrace.net

Pictured above is a photo of the WHOE 1585 and of the WHOE 806
WHOE is the Tennessee Railroad reporting mark for the Walking Horse and Eastern Railroad.
Wartrace is located at mile post 55 from Nashville on CSX’s Nashville-Chattanooga J-line and at the junction of the Shelbyville Branch which is now operated as the Walking Horse & Eastern Railroad.
The WHOE 1585 and the WHOE 806 (FP7A) are working train engines used for freight work delivering covered hopper cars of plastic pellets to a shrinkwrap manufacturer and tank cars to a fertilizer plant located in a Shelbyville industrial park, and running along a Tennessee short line railroad track, a branch line completed in 1853 and aproximately 7.76-miles, or 12.49 km in length. Train cars for the Walking Horse and Eastern are delivered by a local "Wartrace Turn" from a CSX yard in Tullahoma.
Originally this shortline track was owned by the Nashville and Chattanooga Railway which later became known as the Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway or "NC & StL".
It connects Shelbyville to CSX Transportation at Wartrace, Tennessee and is now controlled by the Bedford Railroad Authority of Bedford County, Tennessee.

Dixie Flyer was the nation's first premier Sleeper Car train service carrying well heeled travelers from Nashville to Jacksonville, Florida stopped over in Wartrace to refill it's water supply. There were several old Baldwin 2-8-0 and Baldwin 2-8-2 locomotive steam engines passing through Wartrace or stopping at the Wartrace depot, many of which were run for the Railway Mail Service between Nashville and Atlanta, Georgia.

As late as 2003 there were seasonal passenger train excursions running through Wartrace from Shelbyville but as of this date they have been discontinued.

The train originated at the Rock House Welcome Center located on State Hwy 64 and the WHOE crossing in Wartrace and ran round trip to Stone Gait Farm located on Railroad Avenue about halfway between Wartrace and Shelbyville.

This Photo is the CSX Railroad Track and the stenciled message FOAMERS ONLY Wartrace is a fascinating photo opertunity come alive with old Victorian homes, old buildings, trees,  and old train tracks with old trains. Pictured to the left is a photo designated by a stencil message on an old piece of wood that reads FOAMERS ONLY. Click on the photo for a larger view. Contact Us

To the right is an early route map of the NC&StL Railroad
with yellow highlighting the track and red highlighting Wartrace.
Click the map for a larger view.

Whether you are a railfan, rail buff, railway enthusiast, railway buff, trainspotter or gricer, you will love the opertunities here in Wartrace as approximately 25 trains per day pass through Wartrace on the CSX railway.

Trainspotting is not a problem, yet if you are on one side of the tracks waiting to get across the tracks, you may be in for a wait. Generally the CSX engines and all thier railroad cars are traveling at a high rate of speed.

Early route map of the NC&StL Railroad
Early Route Map
of the NC&StL Railroad

You can read more about these trains at the Nashville, Chattanooga & St Louis Railway Preservation SocietyNC&StL Preservation Society.

A Lounge and a Gallery, Trains, toys, and collectibles, Photos, Timetables, Maps are all available at The Dixie Flyer located in downtown Wartrace.
The Dixie Flyer offers HO, O, and N scale model trains and accessories, railroadiana, books, antiques, collectibles and much more.
You can check out their website but your experience will be much more enjoyable visiting them in person.

If you are around Wartrace and own a scanner, you can tune your scanner frequency to 161.370 for live train crew communications and to listen to the defect detector on channel 84. Below is the closest live scanner from the internet that's available. If you know of more, please contact us.

All photos are high quality photos taken with a Nikon D-300S and are Copyright protected by Danny Moore with all rights reserved.
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